Curates Latest Finance News and Information from Top Sources Curates Latest Finance News and InformationWhen you need advice or information about the latest financial news, you don’t want to spend hours searching through dozens of websites to locate it. Now you don’t have to. Money Index is your one stop resource for financial information. is owned and operated by Tom Drake. He’s also the owner and head writer of Canadian Finance Blog and a financial analyst for a major retailer. He noticed that a single source to find the best content from top financial blogs was lacking and decided to take the situation in hand. The result is the recently launched Money Index.

The site is a wealth of information from top news sources and the most respected financial bloggers on the Internet. The site includes everything needed to keep advised of the latest financial news and trends. Over 100 finance blogs and news sites are featured, as well as a customized Google search and YouTube feed. The YouTube section brings readers the latest videos from each of 12 different sources. Drake also encourages financial bloggers and experts to submit their blogs to be considered for inclusion on the site. Visitors to the site will find the most more or go to the site now

Categories: Business, Financial Launch World’s First Intelligent Gift Search Engine Launch World’s First Intelligent Gift Search EngineWith the recent launch of the web has been introduced to a totally new concept in buying gifts online; taking both the guesswork and the legwork out of giving.

Heralded as the first ever intelligent gift search engine, the technology behind 15gifts learns from people’s personality traits to find 15 tailored gift ideas that perfectly match the recipient. The engine continually learns with each search carried out, meaning that the gift suggestions always reflect current trends. Working with over 75 of the UK’s best online stores, 15gifts has access to thousands of hard-to-find, inspirational gift ideas.

The site’s founder, Tom Cox, explains: “The idea behind 15gifts came from a belief that there must be an easier way to find gifts online. Whilst other sites boast hundreds and even thousands of gifts to choose from, we search all the best online stores for you and return with just 15 that really suit the person you’re buying for.”

The unique “saved profiles” feature allows users to receive reminders with 15 tailored gift suggestions in time for family and friend’s birthdays and other special occasions, signalling an end to last minute gift shopping. Users can also link directly to Facebook to create instant profiles, making it even easier to add all those important more or go to the site now Buys and Sells Finest Recreational, Hunting, Fishing, Equestrian, Vineyard, Farm and Ranch Properties Buys and Sells Ranch PropertiesURL:

Folks looking for the ideal recreational outdoor property in the Sunshine State can now search online with a bit more ease.  California Outdoor Properties, located at, is equipped to showcase a wide variety of properties, ranging from hunting properties to California oceanfront lots with plenty of room to roam and take in some of the world’s most amazing views.

Individuals who seek information on the finest recreational fishing, equestrian, farm, and ranch properties in California will get that and more when they begin their search with California Outdoor Properties as their resource.  A participant with Cabela’s Trophy Properties, this is a real estate brokerage firm that knows exactly how to market qualified properties on one of the world’s most visited websites for outdoor properties.  Through cooperative relationships and a knack for networking, every agent associated with CA Outdoor Properties has the necessary skill set to bring buyers together with their ideal property; and help sellers showcase the very best of the properties they are more or go to the site now

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Salvia Divinorum Research and Information Center Web Site

divinorum Research and Information Center
, located at,
provides the most comprehensive resource for information about Salvia divinorum
available on the web.  Created and maintained by Daniel Siebert,
The site is available in over 50 languages, and includes an extensive FAQ,
links to scientific research and other articles, an image gallery, list
of related organizations, and a curated web links guide.

Salvia divinorum is used as
a sacred medicine by indigenous shamanic healers living in the mountainous
Sierra Madre Oriental in the northeastern corner of the Mexican State of
Oaxaca. Used for its psychoactive effects and given the right dose, individual,
set and setting, it produces a unique state of  ‘divine inebriation’
which has been traditionally used by Mazatec healers.  Salvia divinorum
is both similar to, and different from, other drugs that affect the brain
and behavior. Salvia divinorum is difficult to categorize pharmacologically.
It does not fit well into any existing pharmacological class. Louis
the father of psychopharmacology called vision inducing drugs ‘phantastica’
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New Site Makes Finding Services Easier

J. Astrue, Commissioner of Social Security, today unveiled the agency’s
newly redesigned Social Security
that will help visitors more quickly and easily find the information and
services they need.  One of the key features of the redesigned home
page is a service channeling guide, which appears in the left hand column
of the page.  The guide links users directly to the most popular pages
on Social Security’s web site — the services visitors are most likely
to want to use.

“We set out to make Social Security’s
new home page even easier for visitors to find the services and information
they need,” Commissioner Astrue said, "and our new look reflects the useful
feedback we received from the public during testing.  Almost everyone
either needs the information on our site or can use it to help a relative
or neighbor.  See for yourself at”

Other features of the new home
page include a rotating “showcase” that provides high visibility for significant
agency initiatives that benefit the American public.  Redesigned subpages
for the major Social Security benefit
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New Site Provides Problem Based Case Learning (PBCL) Tools

Innovation in Teaching and Learning for Technological Education (ITL) announces the launch of, a comprehensive, free resource for teachers and administrators in technical education seeking to employ inquiry-based methodology in the classroom.
Imagine completing a two-year technical degree and heading out into the
workplace armed with real-world experience and a portfolio of
successful projects. That’s the experience of students whose teachers
employ the methods featured on Created by
leading experts in learning and cognition, this model builds on the
understanding that students learn best when they are working on real
problems in a project-based environment facilitated by partnerships with
local businesses, which bring real-time, real-world business needs to
the classroom.

Working from this
industry problem, students and teachers engage in a process that
embodies the whole range of experiences and skills needed to become
effective in the workplace: brainstorming, proposing solutions, and then
testing, revising, presenting and implementing them. This process
significantly lowers the barriers typically separating the classroom
from the real world while preparing students for the work world and
providing them with valuable more or go to the site now

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Free Printable Flyer Templates Available at New Web Site

or businesses who have been stuck trying to make a flyer or leaflet from
scratch will appreciate the dozens of free printable flyer
available at the new website

The new site is the latest addition
to a network of 65 free printable websites created by Kevin Savetz.
Other sites offer free and low-cost printables such as:
business cards, certificates, stationery, letters, business and medical
forms, coloring pages, calendars, signs, labels, gift tags and even printable
paper (such as lined and graph styles).
features professional designs for a wide variety of businesses and themes.
Graphics and text are already set up for the user, along with fields in
which to add text.

“Whether you want to rent out
a room, find your lost dog or host a party, these free printable flyers
will fit the bill – or the handbill,” Savetz said. “I’m so pleased with
this latest addition to the family. Free printables
fans have been asking me to add flyers for quite some time now.”

The site has specialty flyer
designs such as versions where a contact name and phone number can by typed
into tear-off strips at the bottom. While most of the flyers are horizontal
or vertical letter (8 and one-half by 11 inch) size, there is also a door
hanger design.

There are advertising and sales
for small businesses, including services such as cleaning or
child care. There are for rent and for sale signs for property owners and
real estate agents and there are also flyers for events ranging from golf
tournaments to birthday parties...see
the site now

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